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Are you familiar with the words to describe wine

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Are you familiar with the words to describe wine

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Most start drinking wine, when most people think of words may be sour, spicy, bitter, sweet, astringent, why not? I believe that on the one hand is that people in the process of alcohol and did not want to know the wine With the mentality, so scarce in the language is inevitable. Of course this is also part of the reason could obtain from the daily experience of vocabulary, such as black currant, raspberry these fruits is too far away from us, if you use a familiar word to replace odor similar to that described, on the use of "date" it.

New Zealand's "Sauvignon Blanc" wine has often been described as like cat urine smell, I think that is due to the senses or feeling. Recently with friends to drink, we usually use to describe the taste "corn flavor," "hawthorn flowers smell", "taste of the soil", "stick taste", "small white flowers taste", "white mushroom flavor "Wait. Everyone's feeling the same, how to say all is not wrong. In fact, a very elegant wine is not something that is fun to drink, goods are feeling.

Floral fragrance is a common wine, a variety of fragrant flowers to make wine tasting feeling becomes lively color. Coincidentally, in often appear in wine there is a faint floral rules: appear in red wine is often red flowers, white flowers and fragrance, the most likely to find a white wine. When beginning to drink wine, they often experienced drinking buddy Tips For Finding the wine smells. "Acacia flowers," one of acacia flowers is what is often referred to flower? One day the friend's house guest, the dishes on the table, there is a fresh harvest of acacia flowers plus blind You shoot, and then made olive salad. After the tasting, we found small white flowers and sweet fresh entry, this has been the perception of acacia flowers. Since then, whenever a taste such as France's "Rhone Valley", "Burgundy", Italy's "Veneto" and white wine, as well as many noble rot wine, I think of a friend's house directly that road acacia Flowers dishes. Therefore, the sensory evaluation of wine tasting in the points, but also the memory of a different aroma tips.

Many people drink white wine would say smell the plastic taste or plastic taste, in fact, are not familiar with the taste of plastic in my mind, I do not know because the contact than less, they felt that others think like gum-flavored taste In fact, like a child at the school gate to buy the kind of blowing bubbles taste. Such gadgets are now estimated for non-environmental reasons or harmful to health is no longer sold, but I often find that the taste is full of childhood memories in Worsley wine, I feel wonderful.

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