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Grape cleaning Storage

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Grape cleaning Storage

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Grapes have a high nutritional value, but must be properly washed before eating grapes to ensure delicious, reduce the loss of nutrients.

What kind of grapes should save?

After the buy back of grapes, wrapped in paper, temporary storage in the refrigerator, do not use plastic bags, so make grape frosting (home refrigerator freezer temperature change is larger), causing cracking and rot.

Grapes best cleaning steps:

Step 1, wash grapes, when the first grapes rotting fruit removed with scissors in grape and fruit stem end junction, carefully cut. Not cut broken peel, wash after Popi easily contaminated to flesh, do not leave a short stems, leaves small stems of Grape easy to clean, but also easy to stab the other grapes.

Tip: Do not unplug the fruit from the ear, so that the stems will bring out the fruit Grape brush, leaving a hole in the upper fruit, perishable fruit. Ear hair cut stems, you can see the complete smooth junction with grapes.

Step 2, the Grape into the pot, add a little water, squeeze some of the toothpaste in the hands, rub a rub his hands, then gently scrub grapes.

Step 3. Discard the dirty water, rinse with water.

Step 4. Rinse until there is no bubble far into the sieve drain and rinse after, then a flat plate, covered with a clean towel, the Grape poured wherein a layer thickness of about grapes, two-hand a good level plate shaking the grapes even scrolling. As a result, the residual water can be drained.

Wine producers Special note:

The entire washing process is faster (five minutes or less), so the grapes burst absorbent, easy to rot.

Try to ensure that the above approach grapes before eating and not too much water contact, otherwise, grapes easily cracking, decay, will churn out most of the nutrients and active ingredients. ※ In addition, when the wash grapes to eat, do not eat because the washed easily broken. After washing, even on the refrigerator, you can only put two or three days.

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