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How to Taste Wine

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How to Taste Wine

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Wine tasting, you do not have a world-class sommeliers professional level, as long as the hearts of curiosity, a bottle of wine, a group of like-minded drinking buddy, wine art, you can get a taste.

Worsley wine

A wine tasting four elements: color, aroma, flavor, and aftertaste

It features a color - the color of the wine should be chosen to observe white background is appropriate.

Feature two aroma - Shake cup to make contact with oxygen to facilitate wine aroma dissemination; Watch "hanging cup" phenomenon, judging wine alcohol content and residual sugar components.

Three elements of flavor - a small mouth tasted, make wine fills the mouth; inhale breath, as the wine flavor substances dissemination; later when drink wine, exhale through the nose to feel even more flavor.

Four elements aftertaste - Refers to drink wine after taste left in the mouth. Aftertaste in the mouth, its duration is to determine the quality of a wine is a major factor. Generally speaking, the longer the finish, the better the quality of the wine.

Second, the evaluation of a wine is good or bad quality of the three elements

1, the concept of color

· See shades - colors Young red wines are generally darker, and with aging, the color will become more and more shallow, from purple to red-brown and then to brown. The white wine is just the opposite, a young man as a light yellow, golden yellow when ripe, it turns amber when aging.

* See clarity - observe whether liquor clarification. New World wines in general will be filtered before bottling, wine and therefore more clear; and Old World wines are generally more turbid.

· Look hanging cup - observation attached to the inner wall of wine glasses tears intensity and flow rate. If a wine-cup more, and wine lees slow down the flow, then this wine full-bodied.

· Look bubble - for sparkling wine tasting, it would need to observe whether the bubble is rich and delicate wine. The finer the bubbles, the better the more abundant explanation which quality sparkling wine.

2, smells

· Wen defect - often accompanied by defects in wine smell like wet cardboard smell or taste, and other oxidation. Wet cardboard smell is a wine cork contamination generated; and a full oxidation smell wine, its light color, aroma and taste are poor.

· Smell the aroma - the aroma of red wine include basic black or red fruit and licorice flavor, etc., and basic white wines include grassy aroma, floral and citrus flavors and the like.

3. Taste

Wine tasting, find out where the rich flavors, such as:

· Fruit - black currant, citrus, apricot, cherry

· Flowers - honeysuckle, violets

· Soil - minerals, chalk, mushrooms

· Nuts - hazelnuts, almonds

· Vanilla - grass, tobacco, rosemary

· Vegetables - bell peppers, leaves

· Oak - smoked, grilled bread, pineapple

Third, the summary

From the above point of view, the essence of cooking wine tasting and China has the same purpose, it has stressed "the color, flavor," the perfect combination, stressing that "opportune" the beauty of balance. Wine color or bright or pure, or rich or elegant aroma, flavor or bold or condensed, the key is balance and harmony, so the wine tasting process, we not the other, but from the whole grasp and experience this from globally parts of human nature has given us the balance of the United States. (Suzhou brands of wine)

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