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Wine industry professionals around the country each wine region

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Wine industry professionals around the country each wine region

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"China is good wine, more and more personalized products are emerging and world recognition, and our central state-owned enterprises and even some wine consumption in educational institutions, but do illiterate, blind eyes outward wine world is flat, China is part of the international wine areas, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, varietal wines, but also should have their own self-confidence and self-reliance. "

"At present, the wine industry who went through all the wine regions of the country very few people. Complementary businesses, such as oak, cork and other fields who actually know more about homemade wine. I will visit various areas this year, I will be more concerned about the future of domestic wines and specialty wine, liquor reducing attention.

"The strength of enterprises, especially the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, how should bear responsibility and stronger domestic wines, rush wildly introduction of imported wine, but also to talk about bigger. Wine is highly personalized wine types, each a vineyard, Each grape varieties, each winery, each country has its own characteristics, single species, not to mention individual companies, large only in terms of the overall size of the market from A no confidence in the enterprise, not self-reliance business, product attempts by others bigger, could eventually raise children to adopt a child, but the pro-son starved to death. "

Inside: Wine Kongfei genuine low prices

"Bottle of the original bottle of imported wine distributors manufacturers to include the cost of ocean freight, insurance, customs duties, port charges, and many traders profit costs, while imports of wine to reach the hands of consumers, to go through importers, provincial agency, municipal agents, wholesalers, terminal vendors, and several intermediate channels. Therefore, consumers are less likely to twenty or thirty or even a few dollars to buy real cheap imported wine. "Recently, the reporter in a large mall within liquor stores, operating imported wine business for nearly 10 years, Mr. Lee to reporters calculations.

Imported wine: chaos, industries tend to be standardized

It is understood that, in the domestic market of fake wine one is from raw materials to packaging, all domestic production and imports label affixed. According to previous exposure within the CCTV, this "wine" Most are in relatively remote areas of small workshops, plus made of water and a variety of flavors and additives with a wine sauce, are generally easy to identify.

Another case is that imported wine distributors puree, then blending process. Such manufacturers often blending the high seas, then the "blending wine" poured trademark affixed after importation of wine bottle, and then pretending to import wine into the customs inspection, tax payment, and then sold to various markets. Such high seas blending alcohol, bottle may be true, wine syrup is imported, even if the opening try to drink a bottle of wine people also need to understand in order to identify it.

The most "real to the enemy," the situation is that some imported wine is not alcohol, they have a genuine import "blood", all production processes are completed abroad, is the real import of wine, but this type of wine abroad on the shelf sales, priced at one euro less, transformed into the price of imports after a few hundred dollars or a thousand dollars of high-end wine. (Worsley wine)

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