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Wine market is to return to reason

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Wine market is to return to reason

Release date:2015-06-17 00:00 Source: Views:

In recent years, the sudden emergence of imported wine. However, due to consumer wine quality requirements increase, the same sales price, wine producers have to import better quality wines to meet market demand. Industry experts said that with the increased consumer level, profits era came to an end, the wine market is to return to reason.

Many imported wine dealers are "recruits", follow the tremendous business opportunities and have jumped into it. "Our boss was originally made machinery industry, earlier this year to invest in this wine trading company." A distribution company for the French original bottle of imported wine, told reporters that China's imports of wine in the hot market is the main reason for the market to attract boss, In France, local search to four wineries, the army joined the imports. Also optimistic about the Chinese market, as well as French wine imports Wine Co. earlier this year in the global distribution of this more than twenty wineries and wine companies in France debut in China, quickly set up branch offices in four cities in the mainland, and removed the country to participate a number of professional exhibition, to attract customers.

In fact, the wine market is undergoing transformation "to bubble" of the industry adjustment. Chief serious decline in the consumer market, closed-end cocktail party arising tide around, Chateau wine prices continue to decline, inventory backlog serious problems plaguing wine enterprises and traders. Experts believe that behind the drop in price of imported wine minus sluggish domestic demand and high inventory, lack of imported power; secondly market focus shifted from high-end to low-end, and pulled down the overall price of imported wine. The current inventory of products are relatively high price of wine, all wine wine bottle purchase price from a dozen to three dozen euros per euro, plus customs duties, plus a warehouse price, equivalent to 300 yuan, Coupled with the profit going to more than 1,000 yuan. City money flow by the impact, and now the price of imported wine began to cut, the purchase amount dozen to three dozen euro is relatively less, generally choose a few euros a bottle, no more than a dozen euro, which is consumption abroad The mainstream prices.

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