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Vintages refers to the year of the grape harvest

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Vintages refers to the year of the grape harvest

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There are tens of thousands of the world's wine producers, Fan numerous, in fact, countries in regulatory imported wine agents and follow a similar law, so long as we remember dozens of key areas, in the election When the purchase of wine can do to cope.

Normally, on the wine label indicated the smaller areas, the better the quality of the wine, of course, the more expensive price. The same country, the same level of areas, prices are high and low, for this phenomenon, we can come to understand: the same house, the price will be higher than in Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, is high; and the same province, the prices in Shenzhen and will also have discretion over Heyuan City High, even the same city in different regions, prices, wine is no different.

For lower-priced wines, the grape is hardly surprising, if not have big problems of grapes, the wine can be used. The price is 10 times higher than the wine is not so "kind" of. In most cases, the quality of its grapes and vines age, more demanding, even non-ideal vintages do not, after decades of years of accumulation of non-vines do not pick. Those hundreds of thousands of dollars a bottle of wine at every turn, often as if the year Royal, non eat away lychee, thousands of miles away without hands, a grain harvest grapes superbly taken.

Cultivation is the most direct factor in determining the cost of grapes. What cultivation methods adopted to determine the cost of the grape itself: the pursuit of quality, or just yield, or both?

Labor costs is another major factor to be considered cultivation. From the culture shaped scaffolding to prune, how to save labor costs is the most important issue to be faced every manor. In particular, it was time to pick and choose only two ways: manual picking or mechanical harvesting?

Using mechanical harvesting fast and cheap, huge vineyards within a few hours to complete, especially when inclement weather, timely rush in the harvest, the disadvantage is: When the mechanical shaking off the grape vines to make into the collector while leaves, branches, snails, spiders and a variety of small insects will follow, these things are called "MOG", meaning something other than grapes, of course, will reduce the quality of the wine.

High price of wine is very particular about every aspect, such as grape cultivation, selection and fermentation processes, and human monitoring costs and whether to enter into oak barrels and the like. Cheap wine is usually not the oak barrel aged.

Vintages refers to the year of the grape harvest, the wine would not affect the year is subject to vary.

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